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IRIS Intelligence Risk Management Software Tool

IRIS Intelligence Risk Management Software Tool:

The Rocky Peak Leadership Center is an authorized distributor of Iris Risk Management software tools and training.

IRISIntelligence is a revolutionary software solution that empowers you to identify, manage and reduce the risk exposure of your organisation.  The first software of its kind made exclusively by risk managers for risk managers, IRISIntelligence enables you to:

  • Align project and programme activity with corporate goals and objectives
  • Identify, evaluate and address risks before they arise
  • Implement robust contingency plans to minimise the impact of risks should they crystallise
  • Understand the total risk exposure of their company as a whole, individual departments or divisions or specific programmes and projects of work
  • Make informed decisions on which areas of risk management should be prioritised and whether the costs of mitigating each risk outweigh the benefits of doing so

IRIS is consistently hailed by organisations and individuals alike as the most intuitive and user friendly risk management software package available. 

Benefits of IRIS Intelligence 

IRISIntelligence addresses all of the common problems of risk management faced by most organisations, including:

  • The ability to roll out consistent, repeatable and effective processes across your organisation
  • Calculation of your total risk exposure, by project, programme, business unit or for the organisation as a whole
  • Illustrates how this risk exposure may be reduced in the most cost effective manner
  • Demonstrates the Return on Investment delivered to your stakeholders
  • Embeds a risk management culture in resources across the organisation
  • Ensures risks are actively managed and data remains current
  • Generates clear, consistent and effective reports to enable Senior Management to instantly identify the critical areas
Introduction (13 pages) and  Brochure (12 pages)

Information on cost and booking available upon request to dale@rockypeaklc.com

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