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Thinkn Synergy Workshop

Workshop:  THINKn Synergy Workshop:

Innovators and problem solvers know there is more than one right answer. Some people need training and others want facilitations or innovative meetings. Many people want more tools, while others search for innovation processes or models.

Customer unique wants and wishes can be addressed through our THINKn Synergy Workshop menu of innovation steps. You may already know what is needed or we can help you conduct an innovation workshop pre-assessment to determine the best solutions or where to start.

The THINKn Synergy Workshop format is designed to bring specific problems, issues or challenges into either a 1-day or a 2-1/2 day format. Using the Novate process, the workshop is typically 5-8 mixed team members consolidated into an "innovation team" that balances the desired innovation diversity. At an Innovation Workshop a mood of discovery and positive energy creates ground-breaking synergistic ideas.

Expected Results:

  • Create new, novel & unique marketable and patentable ideas and intellectual property
  • Gain new insights and better solutions to strategic and tactical challenges
  • Solve marketing, management, process and product challenges using proven innovation and communication processes
  • Build innovation environments of greater commitment and trust to
  • support learning and innovation.
  • Refine solutions that are not meeting requirements
  • Save time and money by spending the time to THINKn.
Understand the Situation or Problem:
  • Define the requirements necessary to move forward
  • Quantify your customer requirements by understanding the parameters, limitations and resources available to you
  • Use the Ladder of Abstraction to refocus the direction
Work the THINKn Synergy Workshop Process:
  • Create a new communication style that allows idea creation
  • Watch the "Incubation" process working
  • Utilize known innovation processes in a synergy Workshop environment
  • Feel the synergy of collective thinking
  • Develop new thinking modes for random input or lateral thinking
  • Create new idea associations
Harvest and Select the Optimal Idea's:
  • Use the "Harvest" technique to grow your idea population
  • Refine and reconstruct your ideas to fully understand them
  • Affinitize your ideas to understand major themes or categories for implementation
  • Rank, Rate and Prioritize the results to understand the options to move forward into implementation

For more information on cost and event booking, email RPLC

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