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Sustainability Events:

Sustainability Events:

At the Rocky Peak Leadership Center we aim to maintain and cultivate a positive impact in sustainability by providing a grassroots participant education and personal enlightenment about the benefits of sustainable development.

We offer opportunities to participate in sustainability events focused on tours, hikes, and personal interactions.  These events are based on educating ourselves and our participants about the benefits of sustainability.  Generally these events are focused on the ecosystems and environments of our local Southern California area; maintaining the delicate balance between ecological reserves and human needs. To see pictures of past events visit our events page.

“We do not inherit the land from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”
-Native American Proverb 

We aim help to maintain and cultivate a positive impact in these interconnected relationships.
To see, or subscribe to future events are planned check out our Google calendar.  To request a sponsored event contact the Rocky Peak Leadership center.

Dale S. Deardorff
Director of Innovation and Strategic Thinking

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