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Scor∑© Idea Grading

Tool:  SCOR∑© Idea Grading:

The SCOR∑© Idea Grading Tool allows the categorization and quantitative evaluation of concepts the break into three initial categories.

“Low Hanging Fruit” – these are ideas that are immediately implementable with no additional or minimal refinement. They can be taken from sticky note to execution with almost no refinement.

The “Beginning of an Idea” – these have great utility and with customization and refinement can be implemented. They may require additional thinking to make them fully work.

A “Concept” – these have the many possibilities to become useful but need considerable refinement and additional thinking.

Innovation and Creativity always have an output, which are ideas. All organizations have ideas but knowing how to take them to the next level and implement them is a challenge. An unused idea remains full of the potential which sparked it but cannot be beneficial. By fully describing it for clarity, sorting and organizing them in a proven quantifiable format they can become actionable goals and solutions.

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