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Sustainability Background Information

Sustainability Background Information:

Background information is the existing knowledge about a subject that is essential to understanding a situation or problem. It’s reading up on the subject before you make too many decisions about how you’re going to approach your understanding about something.

We acquire background knowledge through the interaction of two factors:
The 1st is our ability to process and store information, and the 2nd is the number and frequency of our relevant experiences. Our ability to store and process this information determines how our experiences are interconnected into this background knowledge on Sustainability.

The following synthesized background information has been provided by the Rocky Peak Leadership Center to be used as a summary for educating others about the term Sustainability. It has been collected from internet sources and consolidated into a concise document that can be provided to any and all students, scholars or learning partners working in a field where a basic knowledge of Sustainability is required.

Sustainability Background

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