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P2 Game
  • Overview
  • The Benefits of Gamification
  • The Game

P2 Project Management Training:

P2 is an 8-module dynamic and interactive scenario based simulation training program. It encompasses a comprehensive description and explanation of the required components in a successful project.

It is designed to take Project Managers through a basic formulation of a generic project establishing a firm customer contract with an established schedule milestone and cost metrics measurements. This is followe by the conclusion of the delivery of a project to the customer after acceptance and buyoff.

Additionally situational decision points and organizational announcements of change are balanced against risks and opportunities in gameplay on the P2 game board.

  • Millions of professionals around the world cite Project Management as the major task in their profession.
  • Project Management is a strategic imperative - far more than a set of tools.
  • Project Management is transferable across most business and professions.
  • The need for elevating performance continues to challenge the project management profession.

The P2 program is a 2-day introduction to Project Management. It is composed of 8 modules which create the skill sets needed to be a successful Project Manager. These are broken into 4 separate sessions of practical project management learning;

Session 1 Project Definition

  • Module 1 Customer
  • Module 2 Team Formation

Session 2 Project Planning

  • Module 3 Schedule/Planning
  • Module 4 Product Design

Session 3 Project Execution

  • Module 5 Supplier/Vendor
  • Module 6 Build/Assembly

Session 4 Project Closure

  • Module 7 Test/Acceptance
  • Module 8 Customer Delivery

Within each module are 5-key learning elements which provide a strong introduction and exposure to areas of learning, experience and oversight required for all Project Managers.

Hands on exercises on Day-1 are provided for:

  • Cost Development
  • Schedule Baseline
  • Battle Rhythm
  • Roles, Authority & Accountability

The P2 program is a mixture of group exercises and expert tutorial facilitation of PM subject matter.

Hands on exercises on Day-2 are provided for:

  • Basic Negotiations for win-win
  • People Value Partnerships
  • Anomaly Exercise
  • Lesson Learned creation

When you have completed the P2 training you will be better able to help keep you projects on time, meet specifications, stay within budget, and result in higher quality products and services for your organization.

If your organization has identified the need for project management training, you’re not alone. Project management is increasingly recognized as a vital skill-set for many positions, not just those with the title of “project manager”.

Our style of training is very interactive and participants discuss projects from their own organizations, utilizing tools and templates that we use every day to help manage real projects.

The Benefits of Gamification:

"Gamification is the use of game mechanics and game design techniques in non-game contexts. Typically gamification applies to non-game applications and processes, in order to encourage people to adopt them, or to influence how they are used."

In a study by Saatchi & Saatchi S entitled “Engagement Unleashed: Gamification for Business, Brands and Loyalty,” 55% of Americans said they were interested in working for a company that uses gamification to increase productivity.

Here are a few examples of gamification improving the workplace: OpenText OpenText made it possible to earn points and badges by sharing information, contributing to discussions, completing assignments, passing tests, or closing deals for their OpenText Pulse product.

The results were more than promising: “the IT level of active participation was well above 60% which is significantly higher than the current average in the rest of the company.”

Steward Agency Stewart Agency wanted to get sales people to collect email addresses when talking to leads. They incentivized this with a competition. They launched contest which awarded salespeople based on how many emails they could collect over the course of a couple months. In less than 2 months they almost doubled the number of emails they had collected over 3 years. Target Target launched an initiative to gamify the checkout process in their retail stores.

Gamification is a powerful tool for boosting your business results – either by being incorporated into a marketing and/or product, or by using it as a motivational tool. While many attempts at gamification currently miss the mark, but successful and sustainable gamification can convert customers into fans, turn work into fun, or make learning a joy. The potential of is enormous.

The Game:

This Project Management Study Game helps you learn and polish Project Management skills, while introducing you to the core PM concepts. Whether you are a practiced business professional, an entrepreneur getting your feet wet, or in online colleges for business administration, this game will help you practice strategies and learn to succeed.

The gameplay of the P2 game is similar to both Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly© players move around the board, answering questions to progress. a P2 game package includes

  • A folding game board
  • 1 six sided white die
  • 2 eight sided dice; a red risk die and a green opportunity die
  • 1 sand timer
  • 8 project management player tokens
  • 40 PM Subject Matter Expect cards
  • 20 Project Announcement cards
  • 20 Project Decision cards
  • 20 Stakeholder Decision cards
  • 20 Stakeholder Announcement cards

For information on cost and event booking, email RPLC

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