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Since 2003, in partnership with the Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation (HOBY) California Central Leadership seminar we have coordinated and sponsored a youth Mentorship Program.  Each year over 100+ high school sophomores from different high schools in Southern California from Kern and Inyo County, out to Catalina and down into Los Angeles send Leadership representatives for a weekend seminar at Cal Lutheran College in thousand Oaks Calif. As part of that program a “dozen” business leaders from different industries and backgrounds are selected and offered the opportunity to attend a mentorship lunch with the HOBY ambassadors. During this lunch the event the Business Mentees discuss the ambassadors future plans for college, employment, volunteer and civic programs instilling their background experiences and personal journeys.

In 2011 the Rocky Peak Leadership Center will again help coordinate and sponsor the 2011 Cal Central HOBY seminar.

Those who seek mentoring, will rule the great expanse under heaven.
Those who boast what they are greater than others, will fall short.
Those who are willing to learn from others, become greater.
Those who are ego-involved will be humbled and made small.

-- Sue Ching

If you would like to volunteer for any of the upcoming RPLC mentorship opportunities, please feel free to contact us at anytime if you have a need for mentorship training, faciliation, or program development, contact us.

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