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Action Learning

Action Learning:

The Action Learning RPLC Accelerated Learning Share-Module is a Team and Leader based methodology structured to introduce the key concepts thru a reading tutorial completed offline prior to a 4 hour facilitated intervention. Based on the latest brain research, it has proven again and again to increase learning effectiveness while saving time and money in the process.

Action Learning is a process for bringing together a group of people with varied levels of skills and experience to critically analyze an actual work problem and develop an action plan to resolve it. The group continues to meet as actions are implemented, learning from the implementation and performance corrections or adjustments while increasing the learning and knowledge base of the group and team leader. Action Learning is a form of learning by Unlearning. This requires a separation from one’s self concept, as it has been culturally conditioned to conform to familial, group, occupational or organizational allegiances through questioning.

It is used to address problems and issues that are complex and not easily resolved, find solutions to underlying root causes of problems and to determine a new successful strategic direction or to maximize new opportunities. We will help you convene a cross-section of people with a complementary mix of skills and expertise to participate in the Action Learning group which will repeat the cycle of action and learning until the problem is resolved or new directions are determined. Finally you will be able to document the learning process for future reference and record lessons learned after each phase of learning.

Action learning impact to leaders allows them to quickly respond to change. Knowledge from learning is what makes Action Learning strategic rather than tactical. New thinking is needed if you want to prevent reacting to today’s problems with yesterday’s solutions while tomorrow’s challenges are present.

The H. J. Marquardt Action Learning model has gained wide-spread acceptance and is the text requirement for the RPLC Action Learning Accelerated Learning Module. Participants will read the text as a preparation to the session on their own time to get a grasping of the basics and the terminology.

While engauged in the first ½ day session you will be exposed to the six interactive and interdependent components that build upon and reinforce one another.

A problem - Action learning centers around a problem, project, challenge, issue or task, the resolution of which is of high importance to an individual, team and/or organization. The problem should be significant, urgent and be the responsibility of the team to solve.

An action learning group or team - The core entity in action learning is the action learning group (also called a set or team). Ideally, the group is composed of four-to-eight individuals who examine an organizational problem that has no easily identifiable solution.

A process of insightful questioning & reflective listening - Action learning emphasizes questions and reflection above statements and opinions. By focusing on the right questions rather than the right answers, action learning focuses on what one does not know as well as on what one does know.

Taking action on the problem - Action learning requires that the group be able to take action on the problem it is working on. Members of the action learning group must have the power to take action themselves or be assured that their recommendations will be.

A commitment to learning - Solving an organizational problem provides immediate, short-term benefits to the company. The greater, longer-term, multiplier benefit, however, is the learning gained by each group member as well as the group as a whole and how those learning’s are applied on a systems-wide basis throughout the organization.

An action learning facilitator - Facilitation is necessary for the group to focus on the important as well as the urgent (resolving the problem). The action learning facilitator helps the team members reflect both on what they are learning and how they are solving problems.

What is needed?

A person, agency, government department, or institution to organize an Action Learning Accelerated Learning Share-Module, to provide a venue with audio-visual equipment, refreshments, Sharing-Module and Workshop advertising, photocopying of handouts, processing of enrolment fees, and any other administrative tasks.

For more information on cost and event booking, email RPLC

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