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So you wish to achieve more and get the most out of life - few achieve what they truly desire and become great but we can get you on the road headed in the right direction!

The Greatness RPLC Accelerated Learning Share-Module is a Team and Leader based methodology structured to introduce the key concepts thru a reading tutorial completed offline prior to a 4 hour facilitated intervention. Based on the material in the book “Winning” by Jack and Suzy Welch you will answer key issues confronting 74 of the Toughest Questions in Business Today.

There are basic traits that can be explored to improve individual and organizational Greatness.

  • Self confidence – Having confidence and believe in yourself alone can take you places. Not all of us are talented but the one's who are bold achieve the impossible and can be called great.
  • Understanding your value - You should know that you have an incredible potential which is still untapped and when exploited correctly can allow you to achieve great things in life. We must identify your inner energy and let the passion in your minds eye out.
  • Don't let others control you - Many people live their lives according to other people. You can be the master of your own destiny. You know what is right and what is wrong for you, let us help unleash it.
  • Motivate yourself - Learn to be a self motivator. Surround yourself with people and things that provide you with positive motivation. Take your obstacles in life as challenges and learn from them.
  • Value your time - You should remember one thing. Time is the only resource you can never get back. Learn to value and use your time in the right manner and to your advantage.  Get on a plan and outline your goals and where you need to be in life.
  • Challenge your fears - This is very important yet one of the most overlooked points in order to achieve greatness in your life. All the greatest people through out time have challenged their fears.

Greatness can be accomplished by focusing on 4 personal strategies:

  • Strategy #1 - Make sure you want what you’re going after connected to your personal values.
  • Strategy #2 - Get out of your comfort zone
  • Strategy #3 - Pay attention to what’s important and what you’re doing.
  • Strategy #4 - Offer your unique original value

The Winning book is a valuable text that has gained wide-spread acceptance among leaders and is the text requirement for the RPLC Greatness Accelerated Learning Module. Participants will read the text as a preparation to the session on their own time to get a grasping of the basics and questions they wish to create answers to.

While engaged in the first ½ day session you will be exposed to the seventy four toughest questions in business today.

What is needed?

A person, agency, government department, or institution to organize an Greatness Share-Module, to provide a venue with audio-visual equipment, refreshments, Sharing-Module and Workshop advertising, photocopying of handouts, processing of enrolment fees, and any other administrative tasks.

For more information on cost and event booking, email RPLC

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