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Entrepreneurial Innovation Value Stream:

The Entrepreneurial Innovation Value Stream is a single day simulation workshop where participants receive an introduction to the Soggy Pizza Box Case Study, Parallel Thinking, iF, SCORΣ Ideas, Novate, and the Provocation Cards. All of these toolsets combine to teach effective Pre-Idea Thinking, Ideation, and Post-Idea Thinking for the participants, which will allow them to create the most value from any idea-generating session. This end-to-end innovation process establishes a powerful innovation strategy, teaching the participants to identify innovation goals as well as how to:

  • Foster a culture of creativity
  • Identify and evaluate critical problem background information
  • Create a business alignment to customer needs
  • Identify innovation strategies
  • Create an innovaton purpose statement for the team
  • Establish quantified rankings and ratings for customer constraints
  • Clarifying Idea target position stratifications
  • Use provocaton cards
  • Conduct a brain drain to remove existing ideas and establish fresh ideation thinking modes
  • Learn how to affinitize, rank, and rate your ideas

Each participant will receive a workbook manual, a reference disc, a set of idea provocation, and customer clue cards.

For more information on cost and event booking, email RPLC

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