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Four Simple Steps to Inspirational Innovation


Creating useful new ideas can be a challenge, even for the most experienced teams of creative professionals. A team following the Four Steps to Inspirational Innovation can not only produce high quality new ideas, but they can have fun while working together.

Participants who have gone through this workshop will learn to see their wicked problems and breakthrough opportunities in a new light, and be able to select the type of innovation required to help them unleash their wild imagination. They will learn how to establish a community of practice, allowing them to harness ideas they themselves would otherwise be incapable of generating. By following these four simple steps, participants will be able to become more flexible in not just their thinking strategies, but also change the culture of idea creation to be fun, playful, and productive.

The participants will learn how to properly collect, and sort their ideas, to make sure they lead with their best idea solutions.

Step 1: Types of Innovation
• Understand a change in their thinking, to create sustainable new Products, Processes, Positions, and Paradigms.

Step 2: Challenge Statement Development
• Define and discover the root of their problems with the 5 Why's exercise.
• Clearly understand How to define and discover the root of their problems by asking “What’s stopping you?.”

Step 3: Create an Environment for Innovation
• Learn the Theory of Creativity, and the Creativity Formula.
• Establish a positive climate of creativity
• Create Positive, Playful, and Productive idea creation sessions.
• Turn failures into successes.

Step 4: Idea Provocation Cards
• Challenge existing mindsets, paradigms, and thinking patterns to unleash wild imagination.
• Provide a structured but flexible Innovation method.
• Break thinkers out of your traditional modes of thinking to resolve wicked problems.
• Help participants produce original ideas unleashing wild imagination.

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