This book is a unique opportunity for you to start your way on a “Journey” based upon Hunches, Intuition, Visions and being tuned into reality by your desire and a manifestation of the future. The author has put together a series of stories of success, challenges and even some failures that can be used as components that will allow you to integrate intuition and logic into your decision making. It provides a way to make some sense to our randomly joined events or situations by using “PowerHunch” and creating a concise explanation for it.

So what exactly is Intuition?  It is an understanding that does not come from our logical mind, but comes from a deeper more visceral part of our being which can be called a “gut feeling”. All of us have intuitive flashes but unfortunately we have been conditioned to ignore our intuitive mind and depend on what makes sense to us logically. Animals use this special sense all the time for survival and we may recognize it as a chill, goose bumps or your hair raising to provide you a bad vibe. This sensory modality is something that can be explored, embraced and capitalized upon to create a new Knowing and to trust your hunches.

If you have situations where you feel blocked, uncertain and do not know what the next step should be then this can be an opportunity to explore PowerHunch’s!  These are based on 5 Secrets that all of us know about one level or another but may have forgotten or dismissed as childish and to simple to be valuable. These secrets are to Tap into your PowerHunch Source, Listen to the Environment, Make the Powershift, Fire up your Creative Juices and to Learn from your Dreams.

Every day life hands you many dilemmas and asks you to make decisions associated with them, what M. Emerh has done is to capture and document a simple, pragmatic journey into your environment which contains intuition messages. Have you ever gone the wrong way but ended up in the right place….this is referred to as Sychronicity and is based upon environmental queues that are everywhere. To access these queues the author suggests a new process called Powershift which consists of 8 simple steps to move you from where you are to where you want to be – these are:

1) Issue – define or determine the exact nature of your issue or concern, and formulate it as a concise question.

2) Centering – draw your personal energy back and get focused.

3) Receptivity – use your intuitive mind to become receptive by breathing & relaxation techniques.

4) Imagery – use a sensory mode to communicate with your mind to receive an image, picture, symbol, voice, feeling, taste or smell.

5) Decipher the image – interpret the intuitive message or answer thru the use of amplifications or associations to create core meanings.

6) Incubate – take a break and let the image incubate in your intuitive mind.

7) Go Deeper – if it is a complex image, let the word lead to or trigger another until you have an intuitive insight.

8) Implementation – create a solution for your problem or issue and implement it.

A substantial portion of the first section of the book is based upon Dreams. All of us have had good dreams, bad dreams, exciting dreams, dreams that we can not remember and dreams we thought might mean something. Of those dreams there are some which come across as messages for us that we have used to make decisions.  By being open to dreams and “Intention”, we can create an environment which is open to explore what is elusive and capture cognitive awareness by breaking them into the following:

Literal Dreams which are ones that literally provide an answer that is based on what you see is what you get. Ask for insight into your issue and record it.

Symbolic Dreams which are ones that speak symbolically. These dreams require some decoding to understand the context or content.

Precognitive Dreams which are ones that contain practical messages or reminders about upcoming events. This could be a warning about something which will be occurring in the future which can make you very happy.

To explore all of these at a higher level you may need to use the DreamShift process which is a focused method for understanding the meanings of your dreams. Focus on the symbolic content of the dream and messages to create dream discoveries. In the book the author describes many situations and levels of awareness which lead to transitions using a mini learning process of explanation, exploration, story and reflection. These learning steps are focused to allow the reader to understand the big picture and create small steps to get there which are balanced and in the right place at the right time. Ultimately what we are pursuing is the “Big Picture” or a personal vision.

All modern businesses have understood the strength and inspiration that can be archived with a corporate Vision Statement. It drives into the mission and goals for the organization and creates the framework for plans which can be linked to the appropriate actions. A personal Vision statement can be created, updated and reinforced that will allow you to inspire you to actions which can focus on the whole view rather than one small piece.  When you hear others say that they were to close to something to see the big picture what they are referring to is the need to have an inner compass that points us in the right direction. By embracing an intuitive mind you can “tune” to different channels to listen to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual channels. This radar or inner alarm can be used to pick up pictures, symbols, images, ideas and feelings which can be transferred to your conscious awareness and explored.


A tremendous portion of this book is targeted towards inspiration and creativity – how to create it, understand it, capitalize on it and share it with others in a simple series of processes. There is a great metaphor used to describe “Intuition” which is based upon Michelangelo. So all of you that find yourselves looking at a huge block of marble need to ask yourselves…is there a David hiding inside it that requires your intuitive vision to find it?  If so, you will agree with the author that intuition and creativity are connected and work hand in hand by impulses. Intuition is the energy or input, while creativity is the output. Utilizing intuition can allow you to break your fear barrier, make a judgment adjustment, accept creative confusion and shift your perspective to have fun.

The strength in this book must and will come from YOU!……..your practice with the tools, your reading and understanding of yourself in conjunction with your personal vision and ultimately how well you can tune into yourself to understand how you are connected to your intuitions. All of us have intuitive conductors, for some it is water where you may drift in a boat or a canoe. For others it could be relaxation or meditation in a garden, a long walk in the woods, a run or bike ride at the beach. All of these can ignite your intuition flow to create individualized images which can allow you to make new connections. By reading the stories, reflecting on the meanings and using the mini exercises filled throughout this book you will find that in a very short period of time a new way of Knowing can surface based on intuition.